Informationland has a long and respectable track record in the field of consulting. Brief interventions, strategic advice, but also management of complex change projects. Usually for knowledge-intensive or large organisations. We apply a wide range of consulting tools and management instruments , both to analyse the current situation, and to establish the business case, the desired outcome and the plan of action that leads to this.

Usually we deliver a comprehensive business case that supports all decisions along the change process, often supported with mapping and visualisation of intelligence around key areas.

The workshops and brainstorms of Informationland are often inspiring and usually lead to clear consensus on the steps ahead, or assist teams in making difficult choices . Often organisations use the workshops of Informationland for a first introduction to the opportunities related with the problem area.

The broad experience in industry, government , and business services , health and education , ensures that Informationland tap from resources, experiences and solutions outside the traditional frameworks of the organisation


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