For many organisations, often already clients, we are coaching managers. This is either a follow-up of change related projects or in a new relation where the client prefers to manage their change process themselves with Informationland partnering in a coaching role. The Informationland coaching process consists of three distinct steps.


the start we will have consensus about the following points.

  • Expectations
  • Method
  • Manner of reporting
  • Gathering information
  • Keeping contact
  • Purpose and duration
  • When and where

Face to face, by video, by phone, chat or email. Typically between once a week and once a month. In each session, there are tasks and/or assignments to apply, or progress to discuss. 

Upon completion of the coaching process , we compare the original objectives with results. We use a variety of methods , such as direct observation by manager or supervisor, 360° feedback, self -assessment, or a specialised job proving the goal is achieved.


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