Competitive Intelligence for organisations means that all important decisions are made while being well informed and markets, customers and competitors better understood. Informationland helps clients organising their own "business intelligence" and enriching and visualising external "market and competitor intelligence". 

Often it is presented in management dashboards to make clear choices and decisions. In recent years we have worked intensely with social media for analysing the outside world or to generate intelligence through Web3.0 based dialogue between employees and with customers.
To get familiarised with possibilities concerning the use of Competitive Intelligence, Informationland has developed an introductory workshop that answers the following questions:

  • What is Competitive Intelligence, who in my organisation will experience the benefits and how can one establish Competitive Intelligence Services in a quick and easy way.


  • What is Competitor Analysis, how is it applied and what resources are available?


  • How do I create and use Market Intelligence, which departments will benefit and which departments can provide data and intelligence?


  • Why is Stakeholder Analysis important, which approach is best and how can I visualise the results?


  • What are the best ways to establish Competitive Intelligence, Web 3.0 and knowledge management.


  • How can Competitive Intelligence support the innovation program of my organisation?


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