Successful innovation is mostly about the design of the process and the ease with which resources and specialists get connected at the right time during the different stages. But it is also about the way knowledge and information is shared by those involved. Informationland developed professional innovation processes and methods for its clients. This has resulted in higher quality output and often an accelerated time-to-market.

Innovation and innovation processes often begin with a (well prepared) brainstorm during which literature, best practices, competitive intelligence, etc. are made available. A brainstorm leader must know how creativity works and how first results should be recorded.
From an idea to a new product, service or process improvement is a process that consists of several stages. Between each two stages waits a decision whether the idea is good enough for the next stage. Informationland is experienced in professionalising the whole process of innovation, from brainstorming to implementation, including the capturing and transfer of knowledge and information


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